If you go to edit this post, you can see that its category is “Board of Directors.” This makes it so that this post, when published and public, will automatically appear on the Board of Directors page.

It automatically appears there because the Post Carousel on that page only shows posts of this category. To check this out, after logging in to wp-admin, go to https://www.njyouthchorus.org/board-of-directors, then click on “Page Builder.” You can also just go to https://www.njyouthchorus.org/board-of-directors/?fl_builder.

Then, hover over the rectangle of posts. Click on the rectangle of posts. You will now see an editing screen called “Post Carousel.” Navigate to the “content” section. Scroll down to “Categories.” Here, you’ll see that we defined “Board of Directors” to be the category to match.

To hide this post (Sample Board of Director Post), go to the editing screen for this post and un-publish it. You can either change theĀ visibility to private or make theĀ status “Draft.” I recommend not deleting so you can come back to it for reference.

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