When our program went virtual in March of 2020, we knew things would be different. The silver lining of being online was that it opened up a whole new world of possibilities for our choristers. Proximity would no longer be a barrier to musical exploration.

Since March, we’ve had numerous clinicians and speakers join our rehearsals through the NJYC Rehearsal Guest Series. We have welcomed composers like Eric Whitacre, Jake Runestad, Dr, Rollo Dilworth, Susan Brumsfield, and Moira Smiley. Our musical guests have ranged from Broadway star Christiane Noll and opera singers Amy Shoremount Obra and Kasia Borowiec, to percussionist John Leister, overtone singer Stuart Hinds, and synesthetic pianist Alex Steinhorn. We’ve learned from professors like Dr. Jerry Blackstone, Judith Nicosia, Dr. Lynn Gackle and Dr. Nick McBride to professionals like music technology guru Madelyn Munsell, college audition advisor Brianna Meese, YogaVoice teacher Mark Molinterno, and Alexander technique expert Lori Shiff. We’re excited to have our first international guest joining us later this month, when improv vocalist and composer Lisa Young joins us live from Australia!

We’ll forever be grateful for the technology that brought us together while we were apart, and we’ll definitely be carrying this experience with us as we move towards our new normal.

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