Sola Voce, Coro Vivo and Primo Coro took the stage on March 30th to perform for Good Grief, the New Jersey based organization whose mission is to provide unlimited and free support to children, teens, young adults, and families after the death of a mother, father, sister, or brother through peer support programs, education, and advocacy. This letter from the organization sums it up best:

We cannot thank you enough for the effort that the New Jersey Youth Chorus made to support Good Grief! We were able to collect $1,615.00! What a beautiful afternoon filled with music, talent, compassion and generosity!  These funds will help offset the cost of running a Night of Support at our centers for the 675 participants that we are currently caring for. It will also help fund our new “In Community” program to help our inner city kids in Jersey City and Newark as well as our education initiative called “Routes to Resilience” where we go into local schools and provide kids with the tools they need when life gets tough.

Keep up the good work! The children in NJYC’s “Kids for Kids” benefit from coming together and bonding with one another as they express themselves through their music. They will be able to draw from that experience and each other when life becomes challenging. An added bonus is that the kids learn at a young age how to give back to other kids that have less. For these reasons and more your program is a blessing to the children and their families in our community. We wish you much continued success in the future!

With gratitude,

Pam and Pat Sullivan

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