Due to ongoing precautions for the Covid-19 pandemic, NJYC is currently accepting digital audition applications for our 2021-2022 season. Audition fees have been waived for this season.


Audition Instructions

Visit our audition requirements page for a list of the requirements for each ensemble, as well as audition aids.

Begin the application below. For younger children, adult assistance may be required. There are three sections:

  • Child/Parent Information: Please complete this as accurately as possible. Be sure to include a parent email and phone number to receive your audition results!
  • Ensemble Audition: Auditionees will be asked to submit several recordings of scales and solo selections. The link to record is included directly in the form, and you can re-record as many times as you need. Pitches, sheet music, and sample recordings are included in the form for many of the pieces for your convenience. For solo selections without a specified starting pitch, feel free to sing in whichever key is comfortable for you.
  • Instrumental Submission: Auditionees who also play an instrument are welcome to record an instrumental selection. This is optional.

To complete your application, click SUBMIT at the bottom of the instrumental section. You will receive a confirmation email once it is received.


If you need to leave your application before it is complete, click SAVE and a link to return to your in-progress application will be sent to you via email.


Audition results will be sent via email one to two weeks after your submission is received.


If you have additional questions or are having difficulties with our form, please email us at